Weight Loss

It's a Fact: All Unwanted Weight Gain Has A Hormonal Component

Weight gain in men and women can be caused by hormonal imbalance can occur at any age.

In women it can be caused by "estrogen dominance" that promotes belly fat and weight gain in the hips and thighs creating uncontrollable water retention.

Men with a hormonal imbalance may notice that fat takes the place of lean muscle as their testosterone and DHEA levels decline.

The imbalance of hormones can create different dysfunctions in regards to weight gain including hormones that impact appetite and cravings, and the hormones that store or burn fat.

The Proactive Approach to Weight Loss

Our proprietary weight loss plan starts with a body composition analysis to understand where your body is today. Saliva testing helps us to pin point your hormonal imbalances that contribute to your unexplained weight gain.

Next, we compare your current results to your past health history. This can help identify where your challenges may be, and help determine any necessary additional testing (food testing etc.) to provide the insight into a specific protocol for your optimal results.

Dr. Alex Kassalias, DC, will review your results from your test and explain what we have discovered. Your specific 40 day, 60 day or 90 day plan that will help you reduce unwanted weight.

Over time, we can help you create new lifestyle habits that control your weight. We provide access to our daily interactive coaching system, and a food journal and will show you exactly what to eat.