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True Weight Loss by ProactiveCare

With a foundation of science and technology, our weight loss program gets real results--healthy weight loss and improved overall health and well-being.


Functional Weight Loss

Functional Weight Loss

Based on physiology and healthy metabolism balancing. We will sit down with you and explain how to follow your plan. We will work with you on how to integrate your plan with your day-to-day lifestyle, introduce our foods to you, give you tips and tricks for success, and be there to answer any questions you might have.
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Technologically Advanced Testing

Technologically Advanced Testing

Our use of advanced technology sets our program apart. We use a series of testing processes, including a full Body Composition Analysis, to identify your unique physiological make-up and RESET YOUR METABOLISM.
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Frequent Check-ins

Frequent Check-ins

Each day/week you can look forward to seeing how your body looks and feels both on the scale and in the mirror. We will review your results, review your food journaling, and educate you on nutrition and lifestyle choices as needed. We want this to be the last weight loss program you ever need. Our advanced on-line portal is accessible on your mobile device.
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Our Weight Loss Program

What to Expect:

#1 Body Composition Analysis

Our proprietary weight loss plan starts with a body composition analysis to understand where your body is today. Metabolic surveying helps us to pin point your hormonal imbalances that contribute to your unexplained weight gain.

#2 Review Results

We compare your current results to your past health history. This can help identify where your challenges may be, and help determine any necessary additional testing (blood, saliva testing etc.) to provide the insight into a specific protocol for your optimal results.



#3 Customized Weight Loss Plans

Dr. Alex Kassalias, DC, will review your results from your test and explain what we have discovered. Your specific 40 day, 60 day or 90 day plan that will help you reduce unwanted weight.

#4 Form New Lifestyle Habits!

Over time, we can help you create new lifestyle habits that control your weight. We provide access to our daily interactive coaching system, and a food journal and will show you exactly what to eat.




Before and After

Sheri K. - Greenville, SC
Sheri K. - Greenville, SC
Lost 25 lbs
Mike G. - Easley, SC
Mike G. - Easley, SC
Lost 43.6 lbs in 40 Days
Stacey - Simpsonville, SC
Stacey - Simpsonville, SC
Lost 22 lbs in 37 Days

Weight Loss Results

We've Cracked the Code on Weight Loss...

Our unique program addresses reducing inflammation, detoxification, and hormones--all crucial factors of weight loss.

Our coaching is second to none!

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Face-to-Face Consults
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Consultation with Body Composition Analysis

Now Only $27*

  • Private 1-Hour Consultation
  • We Discuss Your Health and Your Goals
  • Dr. K Performs a Complete Body Composition Analysis
  • We Formulate a Strategy to Start Your Journey to Better Health!

*We will credit the consultation fee back to you when you sign up for a program


Question & Answer Call with a Weight Loss Specialist


  • Free No-Obligation Phone Call at Your Convenience
  • We Provide a Comprehensive Overview of Our System
  • We Will Answer Any Questions You Have
  • Learn How Our System Can Help You Improve Your Health!